PRESS RELEASE: Stealth Acoustics Announces new MBC Series of Installation Accessory Masonry Back Boxes

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Mount Vernon, WA, USA – Stealth Acoustics announces the release of three all-new metal back boxes for masonry applications, named the MBC series, to support the ever-improving ease of installation of their family of totally invisible loudspeakers.
With the release of the new MBC masonry boxes, specifically, models MBC-12, MBC-22 and MBC-30, all of Stealth’s invisible speakers can now be installed more easily into built-up or poured-in-place masonry walls and ceilings by utilizing a new “inside mount” configuration.

“’Inside mount’ means that instead of mounting our invisible speakers to stud framing rails flanking an enclosure, the entire speakers footprint mounts directly inside the dimensions of the box.” said Stealth’s engineering department. “This allows one to place the new MBC masonry boxes anywhere in the wall or ceiling without having to provide external rails, such as extra framing, to mount the speaker. Our metal back boxes also help with sound isolation and provide the proper internal volume for consistent speaker performance.”

According to Stealth, the MBC back boxes will save noticeable time and cost in a number of installations that use masonry construction. The MBC boxes also reduce installation time in “hat-channel” metal stud ceiling installations that are utilized in commercial or industrial construction, because the MBC box can attach to the structure where desired, without having to add in additional channel pieces to attach the speaker.

Stealth notes that they have a consistent form factor in their invisible speakers, in that all models are the same width (15-7/8” – 403mm) with each speaker’s height varying by model. Stealth’s invisible speakers come in three different heights, enabling the new MBC back box family to consist of only three model types. These three from factors support masonry installation of any of Stealth’s invisible speakers and subwoofers.

In addition to the new MBC masonry boxes, Stealth will retain the MBX series of UL listed metal boxes for stud construction; the MBA series of adjustable width metal boxes; and the BX series of MDF boxes for ceiling joist use in wood constructions. Stealth plans for UL and ASTM E119 ratings for the new MBC boxes and also other new installation accessories over the next period of time as they continually work towards reducing installation costs in utilizing their award-winning invisible speakers.

Attendees at ISE in Amsterdam January 31- February 2, 2012 can view the new MBC box and listen to all of Stealth’s speakers and amplifiers at stand 5S110 in Hall 5, or visit for more information.

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