PRESS RELEASE: Stealth Acoustics Introduces Image II Art-Speakers at ISE 2012

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Imagine the possibilities

Mount Vernon, WA, USA – Stealth Acoustics’ new Image II loudspeaker re‐defines speaker as art and art as speaker.

Stealth acoustics didn’t invent the idea of a loudspeaker looking like a work of art, but they say they have made the concept fully customizable, creative, flexible and in keeping with Stealth’s reputation for performance, excellent sounding. Their Image II on‐wall speaker system for music playback, flat panel reinforcement, surround sound or commercial applications, is designed to ultimately represent the unique and individual look which a home owner, architect or interior designer chooses. In this respect, the final look of the speaker is defined by the customer and their artistic goals, not by a manufacturer’s
limited finish options.

This incredible artistic flexibility starts by creating a speaker system that is ready to easily accept customization. Building upon their proven and award‐winning invisible speaker technologies, Stealth has created a low‐profile flat‐front on‐wall speaker that becomes the basis for customization. “We have hiresolution graphics manipulation ability and large format printing in‐house here at Stealth Acoustics.

This affords us the ability to support not only our own growing image library, but also to format and laminate onto our speaker any hi‐resolution image provided by a customer.” said Steve Olszewski, Stealth’s vice president. “The Image II speaker is such a great platform for artistic customization because we do not limit what image or paint that can be used over the product. Your art, or ours. Paint or custom wallpaper – even wood veneer ‐ real or graphics based, all of these and more are finish options.” Olszewski continues.

Stealth’s customization process securely laminates a durable UV protected image over the speaker’s sturdy flat front and sides in a studio wrap style, emulating the modern trend in unframed artwork that incorporates the side of the art piece as well as the front to create a 3‐dimensional work of art. Since Stealth has proven many materials as acceptable coverings for their acclaimed line of invisible speakers and the Image speakers use the same radiation surface technologies, performance of the speaker is maintained, even when the image is laminated over the box.

Stealth touts solid audio performance from the Image II speaker, with smooth extended high‐frequency response, Stealth’s renown LeverAcoustictm bass extension, excellent imaging and 170 degree dispersion.

Applications for Stealth’s Image II speaker are myriad. The device serves well for flat screen reinforcement, stereo listening, background / foreground music and even as surround sound speakers. Market opportunities exist in both the custom home and commercial markets; anywhere where art and style is a driver along with a good sounding speaker.

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Attendees at ISE in Amsterdam January 31‐ February 2, 2012 can audition the Image II and all of Stealth’s speakers and amplifiers at stand 5S110 in Hall 5, or visit for more information.

Stealth Acoustic products are distributed world‐wide by our directly franchised value added resellers, custom installers and distributors.