PRESS RELEASE: Stealth Acoustics LR4 Audiophile-Grade Invisible Speakers Make the Perfect Totally Invisible Home Cinema

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Mount Vernon, WA, USA – A Home Cinema is a nice addition to any home, making a theatre‐like experience readily available when the mood strikes. Simply go to your theatre room, plop in a DVD or BluRay disc (or stream it from the Internet) and presto it’s movie time. With breathtaking display resolutions, 3‐D reproduction and large screen sizes, coupled to a 5.1 or greater surround sound playback system, one may be inclined to just stay at home to watch movies.

But, getting that home cinema system going, especially without building an expensively constructed and decorated dedicated theatre room can be a challenge. Building a dedicated theatre is fine if you have the space and resources, but what if you can’t manage a dedicated theatre and want your home to just be your home, whilst still providing a valid home movie experience, all without sacrificing the usual décor and feel of the room when not watching movies?

This is where state of the art system integration design and hidden technologies come into play. Your chosen home décor and lifestyle is unique and the components used in typical home theatres, especially speakers with their bulky boxes, obvious grills and sheer physical presence can compete with how you want your home to look ‐ you also don’t usually see speakers when looking at the screen in a Cinema. You can now make your home viewing environment great for movies and for your décor, as there are cost‐effective, very high‐quality invisible loudspeakers that completely disappear yet still provide a potent listening experience.

Stealth Acoustics, a premier US manufacturer of invisible speakers offers the LR4 totally invisible speaker system for home theatres. This audiophile‐quality, two‐panel, invisible home theatre speaker can be installed into walls or ceilings of 83mm depth or greater, finished with virtually any paint, wallpaper, veneer or other typical wall covering and provide playback quality in a surround sound system that satisfies even critical listeners, all without competing with room décor. The LR4’s full‐range invisible sound emanates magically into the room, creating accurate spatial placement and an impressive depth of realism, due to its extremely wide coverage angle and extended bass response. Add in Stealth’s B30 totally invisible subwoofers and you have a theatre room that looks just the way you want your home to look, yet sounds like a Cinema.

“The LR4 is a great home theatre solution, but is also an excellent choice for premium invisible sound anywhere in the home, including 2‐channel listening. Our patented Quad Balanced Midrange DriveTM driver set creates almost hemispherical radiation, but with a uniquely balanced angular distribution in the vertical, horizontal and depth sound stages, allowing for a very spacious listening experience.” said Steve Olszewski, Stealth’s vice president.

Designed to mate seamlessly into walls or ceilings, Stealth Acoustics invisible speakers are built from typical yet robust components, with a paintable flat‐front construct and an 83mm depth, allowing them to fit easily into new or remodel construction. Stealth speakers are available in various models to fit a wide range of applications and price points.

Attendees at ISE in Amsterdam January 31‐ February 2, 2012 can audition the LR4 and all of Stealth’s speakers and amplifiers at stand 5S110 in Hall 5, or visit for more information.

Stealth Acoustic products are distributed world‐wide by our directly franchised value added resellers, custom installers and distributors.