Stingray Product Line

The award winning outdoor speaker

Creating a truly environmental speaker that can take on nature’s toughest elements is no easy task.  The StingRay speaker family is completely sealed with no exposed grills or drivers to corrode or break down.  The SR6, SR8, or SR430 are at home in nearly any outdoor environment where ultimate durability and performance are desired.

The StingRay line of outdoor speakers are offered in matte black or matte white. The StingRay family can also be special ordered custom painted to match any décor. To offer a completely unique finish option, select the Image Wrap version to have an actual photograph of the speaker’s surroundings or even artwork laminated directly to the face of the speaker.

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   StingRay 6    StingRay 8      StingRay 430
Type 2-way Full Range 2-way Full Range Subwoofer
Frequency Response 50Hz to 18kHz 45hz to 18khz 20Hz to 160Hz
Power Capacity 120 watts RMS 160 watts RMS 400 watts RMS
Recommended Power 60 watts (Min) 80 watts (Min) 100 watts (Min)
Protection 2 independent self-resetting devices (LF and HF) 2 independent self-resetting devices (LF and HF) 4 independent self-resetting devices (LF and HF each channel)
Sensitivity 83 dB 83 dB 86 dB
System Impedance 8Ω nominal 8Ω nominal 8Ω nominal
Polar Dispersion 170 degrees horizontal & vertical 170 degrees horizontal & vertical 360 degrees horizontal & vertical
Width 14-7/8” (378 mm) 20-7/8” (530 mm) 17-1/4” (438 mm)
Height 10-7/8” (276 mm) 14-3/4” (374 mm) 31” (787 mm)
Depth 3-13/16” (97 mm) 3-7/8” (98 mm) 17-1/4” (438 mm)
Weight 12 lbs. (6 kg) –
15 lbs. (7 kg) –
76 lbs. (35 kg) –
HF Driver One 1” (30 mm) neodymium motor One 1” (30 mm) neodymium motor
LF Driver 1 (25 mm) voice coil, 6.5″ (165 mm) woofer Ceramic 20 oz. (622 gr) magnet 1 (25 mm) voice coil, 8″ (203 mm) woofer Ceramic 20 oz. (622 gr) magnet Eight ceramic 20 oz.
Crossover  Passive 2-way  Passive 2-way Requires amplifier with low pass filter. 50Hz with 18 dB slope recommended