About us

Stealth Acoustics is a division of Dimensional Communications, Inc., a premier systems integration company based in Mount Vernon, WA USA. For over 37 years the direct experiences derived from countless systems integration projects have framed everything we do at Stealth Acoustics – in short, even though we are a world-class speaker manufacturer, we have systems integration in our blood and know what works and what doesn’t towards a great sounding and reliable system.

As an outgrowth of needing a true-sounding, full-range invisible speaker solution, and finding none up to our expectations, we went into our fabrication shops and began a 2-year R&D cycle to develop our first invisible speaker which we debuted in 2003 to accolades from CEDIA show attendees.  Since then we have constantly continued to improve our sound quality, form factoring and ease of installation, culminating – at least for now – in our stunning LRg series of invisible speakers and subwoofers. This continuous improvement based mindset has brought us many past awards from CEDIA Lifestyles (AX3 model), Residential Systems’ RESI award (B1630 subwoofer) and the CE TechHome Mark of Excellence Award (FX8 model).

Today we not only offer the best and most reliable invisible speakers, but also amplification and DSP-based processing, all to create a “total systems approach” to totally invisible sound. No other invisible speaker manufacturer has our depth of product offerings or in-field project experience towards solving the invisible speaker performance equation.

Since we think and act like systems integrators, we provide the quality of products, service and support we would expect from one of the best audio manufacturers in the world. It is this combination of experience and passion for being the best the drives us forward, while offering you the comfort and consistency of the best invisible speakers and amplifiers available.

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