Wood Back Box

The BX Back Box is made from MDF and comes pre-painted and assembled.  Recommended for installations anywhere that a sound enclosure is desired but a UL listed box is not required.  The BX series has a depth of 3-3/8” (86mm) making it ideal for use in traditional in-wall or in ceiling installations.  The BX series is designed to be attached directly to the back of the invisible speaker panel with provided screws, just before the installation of the speaker.

Note 1: the BX back box is not attached to the framing of the wall or any other material separate from the back of the speaker panel.
Note 2:  Unlike the BX, all other back boxes (see below) are designed to be installed in the framing or masonry before the speaker is to be installed.


Metal Back Box

The MBX Metal Bback Box is ideal where a UL rated box is required.  These back boxes should be installed before wallboard is hung and insulated and before speakers are installed.  Two knock-out ports are located on top and bottom of the box.  Installation of the PlaceSaver is required over MBX before drywall is installed to ensure a properly sized and located opening in the drywall.  Insulation for the inside of the box is included.


Adjustable Metal Back Box

The MBA Metal Back Box is for variable width framing, hat channel, and metal studs.  This back box has an adjustable width from 9-1/2” (241 mm) to 14-1/2” (368 mm) and should be installed before wallboard is hung.  Back boxes should be insulated before speakers are installed.  Two knock-out ports are located on top and bottom of the box.  Self-adhesive Dynamat insulation is included to seal the seam between the two overlapping sides of the box.  Must install PlaceSaver over MBA to ensure proper rough opening.


Metal Back Box For Masonry Construction

The MBC Back Box is generally necessary for installing invisible speakers in a masonry wall or ceiling, and should be installed before the masonry is set.  The wood portion of the box provides a stable and secure attachment point for the speaker while the outer metal shell provides protection from the surrounding masonry.



PlaceSavers are temporary place-holders for use on new construction. PlaceSavers allow the invisible speaker to be installed later while maintaining its exact opening in the drywall for the speaker.  This reduces the speakers exposure to the harsh construction environment.  Each Stealth Acoustics speaker panel has a corresponding PlaceSaver model. PlaceSavers are sold in packs of six (3 pair) and are re-usable. PlaceSavers are also designed to mate with MBX and MBA series back boxes as a system.

Note 1: Must install PlaceSaver with MBX or MBA to ensure proper rough opening.


Shim Kit

The SK-1 Shim Kit allows for the speaker panel face to be shimmed out farther depending on the finishing method. Each kit contains both 1/16” (1.6 mm) and 1/8” (3.2 mm) thick shims in bundles of 25.  Speakers are shipped with a sufficient number of shims for typical 1/2″ and 5/8″ drywall.  The additional shim kit may be needed for thicker drywall applications.