The model LRX-85 invisible speaker is a premium, 3-way, two panel system The LRX-85 is truly a powerful and complete full-range solution, requiring no special bass-limiting filters, ancillary protection circuits or external subwoofers. For even greater ability, an active, bi-amplified
LRX-85ACT version is also available.

300watt power handling enables output up to 105dB with premium extendedrange sound quality. The LRX-85 performs as an exemplary invisible speaker in a wide range of applications, including home theaters, high-impact distributed audio and critical listening environments where aesthetic needs demand no visible presence of a loudspeaker.

The LRX85 utilizes separate, easy to install, flat front panels for mid-high and bass reproduction, improving performance while minimizing intermodulation distortion. The two panels may be mounted as far a 1meter apart and still provide quality outcomes.

The mid-high panel incorporates four 25watt neodymium midrange motors and one 25watt neodymium high-frequency motor aligned in Stealth’s Quad-Balanced Midrange Drive™ configuration. Advanced internal materials and smooth sounding FidelityGlass™ panel face allow for upper frequency response to 20 kHz. A multi-stage passive crossover is provided to allow a single speaker line from the amplifier to feed both mid-high and bass panels. The LRX-85 crossover contains three independent self-resetting protection circuits to protect the speaker from excessive amplifier power, ensuring maximum long-term reliability.

The separate dual 8” high-power cone woofer bass-stage panel provides extended bass response down to 35Hz when the panel is installed in a
recommended back box and properly tuned. The result is an impressive sounding loudspeaker rivaling visible alternatives.

Stealth Acoustics’ invisibility offers a powerful advantage over traditional loudspeakers because they can be placed wherever they sound best, free
of visual concerns that may conflict with architectural features. The LRX-85 is designed to be installed into standard wall or ceiling constructions with many on-site finishing options that include paint, light wallpaper, fabrics, wood veneers, vinyl graphics and selected texture coats. There is no need for non-standard wallboard finishing materials. Installation instructions are shown on a paper overlay that is to be removed before installation. The overlay can also be used as a cutting template for retrofitting the speakers into existing wallboard. Unique mounting and advanced finishing methods may be accomplished using special techniques.

Recommended Uses

Home Theater / Surround Sound
High End Multi-Room Audio
System Presentation Systems
Foreground Music
Stereo Listening Areas


Full line Brochure: Download PDF
Specification Sheet: Download PDF
Installation Instructions: Download PDFView InstructionsSee Video
Standard and Bi-amp wiring instructions: Download PDF
LRX-85-ACT information and instruction: Download PDF
Dimensional Drawings: Download PDF
Test Results: Download PDF
SA2400 DSP curve: LRX-85


Frequency Response:

35Hz to 20kHz (see Figure 1)

Power Capacity:

300 watts RMS
120 watts minimum recommended power


Three independent self-resetting devices
(low, mid-range and high frequency)


84 dB (1 watt / 1 meter)

System Impedance:

8Ω nominal

Driver Components:

High frequency: 1” (25 mm) neodymium motor
Midrange frequency: Four 1” (30 mm) neodymium motors
Low-frequency: dual1.5” (38 mm) voice coil, 8” (203 mm)
woofer and ceramic 20 oz. (622 gr) magnet

Polar Dispersion:

170 degrees vertical and horizontal

Dimensions LRX85-HM (High-Mid Panel only):

Width: 15⅞” (403 mm)
Height: 12” (305 mm)
Mounting Depth: 2¾” (70 mm)

Dimensions LRX85-LF (Low Frequency Panel only):

Width: 15⅞” (403 mm)
Height: 30” (762 mm)
Mounting Depth: 2½” (64 mm)

Shipping Weight:

61 lbs. (28 kg) per pair (4 Panels)

Included Accessories:

Mounting shims
Mounting screws
Terminal wrench

Optional Accessories:

PS-12 / PS-30 PlaceSaver
BX-12-85 / BX-30 MDF Acoustical Back Box
MBX-12 / MBX-30 UL Listed Metal Back Box
MBA-12 / MBA-30 UL Listed Adjustable Metal Back Box
MBC-12 / MBC-30 Concrete Back Box
SK-1 Shim Kit
CVXMR 100, 75 and 25 volt Constant Voltage Transformers
WARRANTY – Extended Warranty 15 year

Watch the installation video