We Are INVISIBLE Speakers

3-Way Full-Range
Seven-Element System

The model LRX-85 invisible speaker is a premium, 3-way, two panel system The LRX-85 is truly a powerful and complete full-range solution, requiring no special bass-limiting filters, ancillary protection circuits or external subwoofers. For even greater ability, an active, bi-amplified LRX-85ACT version is also available.

300watt power handling enables output up to 105dB with premium extendedrange sound quality. The LRX-85 performs as an exemplary invisible speaker in a wide range of applications, including home theaters, high-impact distributed audio and critical listening environments where aesthetic needs demand no visible presence of a loudspeaker.

The LRX-85 utilizes separate, easy to install, flat front panels for mid-high and bass reproduction, improving performance while minimizing intermodulation distortion. The two panels may be mounted as far a 1meter apart and still provide quality outcomes.

The mid-high panel incorporates four 25watt neodymium midrange motors and one 25watt neodymium high-frequency motor aligned in Stealth’s Quad-Balanced Midrange Drive™ configuration. Advanced internal materials and smooth sounding FidelityGlass™ panel face allow for upper frequency response to 20 kHz. A multi-stage passive crossover is provided to allow a single speaker line from the amplifier to feed both mid-high and bass panels. The LRX-85 crossover contains three independent self-resetting protection circuits to protect the speaker from excessive amplifier power, ensuring maximum long-term reliability.

The separate dual 8” high-power cone woofer bass-stage panel provides extended bass response down to 35Hz when the panel is installed in a recommended back box and properly tuned. The result is an impressive sounding loudspeaker rivaling visible alternatives.

Stealth Acoustics’ invisibility offers a powerful advantage over traditional loudspeakers because they can be placed wherever they sound best, free of visual concerns that may conflict with architectural features. The LRX-85 is designed to be installed into standard wall or ceiling constructions with many on-site finishing options that include paint, light wallpaper, fabrics, wood veneers, vinyl graphics and selected texture coats. There is no need for non-standard wallboard finishing materials. Installation instructions are shown on a paper overlay that is to be removed before installation. The overlay can also be used as a cutting template for retrofitting the speakers into existing wallboard. Unique mounting and advanced finishing methods may be accomplished using special techniques.

The Flagship “Big-Room” Speaker!

Architectural Speaker of the Year

Stealth Acoustics has happy to announce that Home Technology Association (HTA) has recognized the innovations of its newest generation of LineaResponseX speakers for 2022!

Anatomy of a Stealth Invisible Speaker

1 Low Frequency Cone Woofer Driver
2 Transducer High/Mid Frequency Driver
3 Circuit with Crossover, Protection and/or Speaker Wire Terminals
4 FidelityGlass™ Radiating Diaphragm
5 Speaker Perimeter Screw Flange

Soffit Speaker Kits

Invisible Speakers – OUTDOORS! Replace ugly conventional under-eaves speakers that deteriorate in the elements with Stealth Acoustics Soffit Kit speakers for high performance, clean aesthetics, and lasting results.


The flush-mounted Soffit Kit features a specialized StingRay8 or StingRay83 with an integrated back box, mounting hardware, and a router template for cutting a precise opening for installation.

Constant Voltage Series

Stealth’s most popular indoor and outdoor distributed audio speakers are available for commercial audio applications. These Constant Voltage Series (CVS) speakers are compatible with 70/100-volt amplifier systems and have transformer tap values from 5 to 60 watts (depending on the model).


Constant voltage speakers are built to suit. Please call Stealth Acoustics for design assistance, custom orders, and availability.

Recommended Applications

Cinema Front Soundstage (LCR)
Premium Distributed Audio and Sound Reinforcement
Best for in-wall or in-ceiling installations.


Specification Sheet
User Manual & Installation Guide
Quick Start Installation Guide
View Instructions
See Video
Dimensional Drawings
Test Results
Standard and Bi-amp Wiring Instructions
LRX-85-ACT Information and Instructions
SA2400 DSP Curve
LineaResponse Brochure

Options & Accessories

PlaceSavers & Shims
PS-12/PS-30 PlaceSaver
SK-1 Shim Kit
Back Boxes
BX-12-85/BX-30 MDF Acoustical Back Box
MBX-12/MBX-30 UL Listed Metal Back Box
MBA-22/MBA-30 UL Listed Adjustable Metal Back Box
MBC-12/MBC-30 Concrete Back Box
Constant Voltage
CVXMR 100, 75 and 25 volt Constant Voltage Transformers
WARRANTY – Extended Warranty 15 year


LRX-83 LRX-85
Type 3-way Full Range 3-way Full Range Two Panels (HM + LF)
Frequency Response 40Hz to 20kHz 35Hz to 20kHz
Power Capacity 160 watts RMS 300 watts RMS
Minimum Recommended Power 80 watts 120 watts
Protection Three independent self-resetting devices (low, mid-range and high frequency) Three independent self-resetting devices (low, mid-range and high frequency)
Sensitivity 83 dB 84 dB
System Impedance 8Ω nominal 8Ω nominal
Polar Dispersion 170 degrees horizontal &vertical 170 degrees horizontal &vertical
Width 15-7/8” (403 mm) HM Panel – 15-7/8” (403 mm)
LF Panel – 15-7/8” (403 mm)
Height 22″ (559 mm) HM Panel – 12” (305 mm)
LF Panel – 30” (762 mm)
Depth 2-1/2” (64 mm) HM Panel – 2-3/4” (70 mm)
LF Panel – 2-1/2” (64 mm)
Weight 32 lbs. (14.5 kg) per pair 61 lbs. (28 kg) – per pair
HF Driver One 1” (25 mm) neodymium motor One 1” (25 mm) neodymium motor
MR Driver One 1-1/8” (30 mm) neodymium motors Four 1-1/8” (30 mm) neodymium motors
LF Driver One 1-1/2” (38mm) voice coil, 8” (203mm) low profile woofer Two 1-1/2” (38mm) voice coil, 8” (203mm) low profile woofer
Magnet Ceramic 20 oz. (567 gr) Ceramic 20 oz. (567 gr)
Crossover Frequency