Patio Theater

Three Distinct Models

Explore Stealth Patio Theater Extreme Model TVsThe SPT Extreme features a vertical lift system ideal for recessing the all metal cabinet below grade for a pop-up experience. Available in four sizes with 3.1 audio built directly into the cabinet, or as a sound bar that travels up with the display.

Explore Stealth Patio Theater Transformer Model TVsDesigned for luxury marine applications, the fold-out SPT Transformer is a compact solution for any location. The fiberglass cabinet features built in, weatherproof 3.1 audio.

Explore Stealth Patio Theater Megalith Model TVsThe modular SPT Megalith is available in 7 sizes with a P3 or P4 pixel pitch display. The Megalith can be wall mounted or installed as a free standing display with optional 3.1 sound bar.

Extraordinary Outdoor TV Systems

The original Stealth Patio Theater (SPT) launched in 2015 with the core concept of creating a self-contained outdoor TV system that did not interfere with the aesthetics of outdoor spaces and leveraged the latest in LED technology to overcome the problems homeowners and integrators face when replicating a theater-like experience outdoors. SPT systems are designed to overcome the issues of daylight viewability (brightness), weather resistance, longevity, screen size, and maintenance issues associated with traditional weatherized TVs and delicate projectors and screens.

Today, there are three distinct models of Patio Theater TVs offering stunning performance, even in direct sunlight. These complete systems also eliminate the guesswork of designing and sourcing a custom LED display system.


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