SPTV2 Transformer


A Revolutionary Outdoor Theater System!

The SPT Transformer is a complete outdoor theater system designed to fold away into its weatherized, fiberglass enclosure when not in use and fit discreetly on a yacht or home deck. When in use, the ultra-bright P3 LED screen can be easily viewed night or day and from virtually any angle.

By incorporating Stealth Acoustics’ award-winning StingRay speakers and a subwoofer system directly into the weather-resistant fiberglass shell, the Transformer offers an incredible 3.1 audio experience right out of the box. The LCR speakers are sealed from the elements with no grilles to corrode.

All necessary audio/video processing equipment can be contained within the enclosure or remotely located in an outboard A/V rack.

SPT Systems Add WOW! and Value

  • Private residential pool and patio installations provide a big “WOW!” factor in any setting.
  • Commercial installations on amenity decks add a unique selling proposition to any multi-unit luxury living experience.
  • Sports pubs and restaurants can take game day to a new level with a jumbotron-style TV on the patio.

Fit & Finish

When closed, The SPT Transformer’s fiberglass cabinet seals for protection from the elements. To Blend In! or Stand Out! from the architectural and landscape surroundings, the Transformer is available in 12 yacht-grade, high-gloss finish colors. Contact your Stealth representative for additional, optional color choices and to request color swatch samples.

Designed to be Hidden:

Sleek Fiberglass Finish
Compact  & Weatherized
Designed for Marine or Residential Use


Designed to be Seen:

120″ (3m) Diagonal Screen
P3 High Resolution LED Display
Daylight Viewable HD-LEDs
Built in LCR Speakers & Sub


SPT Transformer At A Glance:

Screen Closure: Screen Folds Then Lid Closes on Cabinet
Screen Sizes: P3: 120″
Screen Brightness: 4,000cd/m² (nits)
Install Options: Self Contained Free Standing
Audio Options: No Sound
3.1 Cabinet Mounted
A/V Input: A/V Gear Self Contained
A/V Gear Rack Mounted
Control: Compatible with all major third-party home automation systems
Power: 220-240VAC
20Amp Circuits: 2
Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor
Rain Sensor
Wind Sensor (optional)


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