SPTV1 Extreme


A Pop-Up TV Experience Like No Other!

The SPT Extreme is a unique, retractable outdoor LED TV system. Its four massive screen sizes are large enough to be seen from the patio, the pool, and the entire backyard! When not in use the SPT Extreme disappears from view, retracting into its base. To further hide the Extreme its base cabinet can be partially or fully recessed into the landscaping.

For audio as big as the screen, choose from cabinet-mounted speakers, which can operate while the display remains closed, or a Sound Bar that rises with the screen. Both options feature Stealth’s speaker technology to produce high-quality sound without grilles that can rust. SPT Extreme is also available without speakers.

SPT Systems Add WOW! and Value

  • Private residential pool and patio installations provide a big “WOW!” factor in any setting.
  • Commercial installations on amenity decks add a unique selling proposition to any multi-unit luxury living experience.
  • Sports pubs and restaurants can take game day to a new level with a jumbotron-style TV on the patio.

Available in 4 Sizes

Stealth Patio Theater Extreme Size Options

Multiple Installation Options

Stealth Patio Theater Extreme Installation Options

Fit & Finish

Each SPT Extreme cabinet is crafted in Stealth’s facility using laser-cut aluminum and stainless steel framing materials, then finished with a durable hammered gloss paint that is easy to clean and maintain. Eight different colors are available. Custom finishes may be applied on-site for a completely integrated look.

Stealth Patio Theater Extreme Installation Options



Residential Outdoor Theaters
Pool Decks
Hotel Outdoor Theaters
Hotel Common Area, Pool, Dining
Sports Restaurant Patios
Sports Facilities
Wedding/Event Venues

SPT Extreme At A Glance:

Screen Closure: Vertically Retracts Into Cabinet
Screen Sizes: P3: 105″ / 138″ / 156″ / 190″
Screen Brightness: 4,000cd/m² (nits)
Install Options: Above Ground Partial Recess
Full Recess
Audio Options: No Sound
3.1 Cabinet Mounted
3.0/3.1 Sound Bar
A/V Input: Outboard equipment rack included with most models
Control: Compatible with all major third-party home automation systems
Power: 220-240VAC
20Amp Circuits: 2 to 6 (depending on model)
Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor
Rain Sensor
Wind Sensor (optional)


SPT Brochure:

Video Interview from CEDIA 2015

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