SPTV3 Megalith


Massive TVs That Outshine All Expectations!

The SPT Megalith is a fixed-position outdoor video display solution designed to provide entertainment 365 days a year, rain or shine. This completely customizable, weatherproof LED display can be installed as a free-standing display, mounted to an exterior wall, or even hung directly from a ceiling structure.

Megalith TVs are a complete system designed to the specifications of each project. For free-standing installations, an optional support structure package is available.

The optional integrated 3.1 Sound Bar adds high-quality audio for an impressive outdoor TV experience. The Sound Bar utilizes Stealth’s Stingray outdoor speaker technology for weatherproof, rust-proof, high-fidelity audio.

Megalith TVs are ideal for large patio and pool areas, common areas, and public gathering spaces. Megalith is the ultimate outdoor TV!

SPT Systems Add WOW! and Value

  • Private residential pool and patio installations provide a big “WOW!” factor in any setting.
  • Commercial installations on amenity decks add a unique selling proposition to any multi-unit luxury living experience.
  • Sports pubs and restaurants can take game day to a new level with a jumbotron-style TV on the patio.

Available in high Resolution

Megalith is available in the standard P4 resolution and in P3 resolution to accommodate projects where a closer viewing distance is desired.

Fit & Finish

SPT Megalith LED cabinets are available in black finish only (cabinets are visible from behind on free-standing models). By default, the sound bar comes in a black finish, and the optional trim is aluminum, but both can be custom finished with a durable hammered gloss paint that is easy to clean and maintain. Eight different colors are available. Additional custom finishes may be applied on-site for a completely integrated look.

Stealth Patio Theater Extreme Installation Options

Outshines Expectations:

Ultra-Bright, Weatherproof LEDs
Replaces Lackluster Projection Systems
Modular Design Configures to Many Shapes and Sizes
Outdoor Theater or Art Installation
Custom Audio Available


SPT Megalith At A Glance:

Screen Closure: Fixed Screen
Screen Sizes: P3 or P4: 101″ / 115″ / 137″ / 181″ / 238″ / 273″ / 339″
Screen Brightness: 4,000cd/m² (nits)
Install Options: Wall Mount
Free Standing
Audio Options: No Sound
3.1 Cabinet Mounted
A/V Input: Outboard equipment rack included with most models
Control: Compatible with all major third-party home automation systems
Power: 220-240VAC
20Amp Circuits: 2 to 6 (depending on model)
Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor


SPT Brochure:

Megalith: Timelapse Installation – 2019

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