SPTV3 Megalith


Massive TVs That Outshine All Expectations!

The SPT Megalith is a fixed position outdoor video display solution designed to provide entertainment 365 days a year, rain or shine. This completely customizable, weatherproof LED display can be installed as a free-standing display, mounted to an exterior wall, or even hung directly from a ceiling structure.
Megalith is ideal for large patio and pool areas as well as common areas and public spaces. Megalith is the definitive giant outdoor TV!
Each Megalith is designed by Stealth Acoustics as a complete system to meet the specifications of the project. For freestanding installations, the optional support structure package is available eliminating the need to outsource fabrication.
To complete the project, the optional integrated 3.1 Sound Bar will add high quality audio for an impressive outdoor TV experience. The Sound Bar utilizes Stealth’s Stingray outdoor speaker technology for weatherproof, rust-proof, high-fidelity audio.

SPT Systems Add WOW! and Value

  • Private residential pool and patio installations are common and provide a big “WOW!” factor in any setting.
  • Commercial installations on amenity decks add a unique selling proposition to any multi-unit luxury living experience.
  • Sports pubs and restaurants can take game day to a new level with a jumbotron-style TV on the patio.

New IN 2022: High Res P3 Screen

To accommodate projects where a closer viewing distance is desired two screen resolution options (P3 3mm and P4 4mm) are now available.

Fit & Finish

SPT Megalith cabinets are available in a black finish only (visible from behind on free-standing models). By default the sound bar is also finished in back and the surrounding trim on all four sides is aluminum. The trim and sound bar can be custom finished with a durable hammered gloss paint that is easy to clean and maintain. Eight different colors are available. Further custom finishes may be applied on-site for a completely integrated look.

Stealth Patio Theater Extreme Installation Options


Outshines Expectations:

Ultra-Bright, Weatherproof LEDs
Replaces Lackluster Projection Systems
Modular Design Configures to Many Shapes and Sizes
Outdoor Theater or Art Installation
Custom Audio Available


SPT Megalith At A Glance:

Screen Closure: Fixed Screen
Screen Sizes: P3 or P4: 101″ / 115″ / 137″ / 181″ / 238″ / 273″ / 339″
Screen Brightness: 4,000cd/m² (nits)
Install Options: Wall Mount
Free Standing
Audio Options: No Sound
3.1 Cabinet Mounted
A/V Input: Outboard equipment rack included with most models
Control: Compatible with all major third-party home automation systems
Power: 220-240VAC
20Amp Circuits: 2 to 6 (depending on model)
Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor


SPT Brochure:

Megalith: Timelapse Installation – 2019

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