Stingray 83


Full Range, 8″ 3-Way High Performance Speaker

The StingRay83 is Stealth Acoustics’ highest-performing outdoor full-range speaker featuring deep bass and sparkling highs combined with ultra-wide dispersion characteristics.

StingRay83 speakers feature an advanced driver set that incorporates an acoustically coupled, high-power, 8″ cone woofer with directly-coupled high and mid-frequency drivers for frequency extension ranging from 40Hz to 20kHz.

The StingRay83 contains two independent protection circuits (low and high-frequency sections) that automatically reset upon reduction of excessive amplifier power.

Invisible Impervious Speakers

StingRay speakers are known for raising the bar in outdoor audio durability and sound quality, and deliver smooth mid and high-frequency response with a solid, rich bass extension and are ideal for luxury residential, commercial, and marine applications. StingRay speakers combine direct coupled motor technology with an acoustic lever technology driven by a traditional woofer to energize the entire FidelityGlass™ active surface of the speaker panel resulting in crisp highs and impactful bass.

The sleek design and versatile mounting options mean the speakers won’t be an eyesore. To further enhance the aesthetic, Stealth offers custom finishing options so your speakers can Blend In! or Stand Out!

Certified Environmental

Stealth’s proprietary FidelityGlass™ flat-front radiating surface ensures the StingRay’s internal components are fully isolated from any intrusion of dust or moisture, allowing them to achieve an unprecedented environmental protection rating of IP-68 as measured to IEC standards (IP-65 for SR430 Subwoofer).


StingRay speakers can withstand rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun, and dust in temperatures ranging from 0° to 150° F (-17 to 65° C).

StingRay Soffit Speaker Kits

Replace ugly conventional under-eaves speakers that deteriorate in the elements with Stealth Acoustics Soffit Kit speakers for high performance, clean aesthetics, and lasting results.


The flush-mounted Soffit Kit features a specialized StingRay8 or StingRay83 with an integrated back box, mounting hardware, and a router template for cutting a precise opening for installation.

Constant Voltage Series

Stealth’s most popular indoor and outdoor distributed audio speakers are available for commercial audio applications. These Constant Voltage Series (CVS) speakers are compatible with 70/100-volt amplifier systems and have transformer tap values from 5 to 60 watts (depending on the model).


Constant voltage speakers are built to suit. Please call Stealth Acoustics for design assistance, custom orders, and availability.

Recommended Applications

Outdoor Cinema LCR
Cinema Surround
Premium Distributed Audio
Foreground Music
Background Music
Yachts and Marine Audio Systems
Sound Masking Systems


Specification Sheet
Installation Instructions
Dimensional Drawings
Stingray Brochure

Options & Accessories

Available Finishes
Matte White
Matte Black
Custom Paint
Custom Graphics
Included Accessories
Key Slot Mounting Bracket
Mounting Screws
Optional Accessories
SRGSTK Ground Stake
SRUB Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket
SRSM-33 Multi-Position Mount


StingRay 6 StingRay 8 & Soffit Kit StingRay 83 & Soffit Kit StingRay 430
Type 2-way Full Range 2-way Full Range 3-way Full Range Subwoofer
Frequency Response 50Hz to 18kHz 45hz to 18khz 40hz to 20khz 20Hz to 160Hz
Power Capacity 120 watts RMS 160 watts RMS 160 watts RMS 400 watts RMS
Recommended Power 60 watts (Min) 80 watts (Min) 80 watts (Min) 100 watts (Min)
Protection 2 independent self-resetting devices (LF and HF) 2 independent self-resetting devices (LF and HF) 3 independent self-resetting devices (LF, MF, and HF) 4 independent self-resetting devices (LF and HF each channel)
Sensitivity 83 dB 83 dB 83 dB 86 dB
System Impedance 8Ω nominal 8Ω nominal 8Ω nominal 8Ω nominal
Polar Dispersion 170 degrees horizontal & vertical 170 degrees horizontal & vertical 170 degrees horizontal & vertical 360 degrees horizontal & vertical
HF Driver One 1-1/8” (30 mm) neodymium motor One 1-1/8” (30 mm) neodymium motor One 1” (25 mm) neodymium motor
MF Driver One 1-1/8” (30 mm) neodymium motor
LF Driver One 1″ (25 mm) voice coil, 6.5″ (165 mm) woofer Ceramic 15 oz. (425 gr) magnet One 1-1/2″ (38 mm) voice coil, 8″ (203 mm) woofer Ceramic 20 oz. (567 gr) magnet One 1-1/2″ (38 mm) voice coil, 8″ (203 mm) woofer Ceramic 20 oz. (567 gr) magnet Eight 1-1/2″ (38 mm) voice coil, 8″ (203 mm) woofer Ceramic 20 oz. (567 gr) magnet
Crossover  Passive 2-way  Passive 2-way  Passive 3-way Requires amplifier with low pass filter. 50Hz with 18 dB slope recommended


StingRay 6 StingRay 8 StingRay 8‑SK StingRay 83 StingRay 83‑SK StingRay 430
Width 14-7/8” (378 mm) 20-7/8” (530 mm) 20-7/8” (530 mm) 17-1/4” (438 mm)
Height 10-7/8” (276 mm) 14-3/4” (374 mm) 14-3/4” (374 mm) 31” (787 mm)
Depth 3-13/16” (97 mm) 3-7/8” (98 mm) 3-7/8” (98 mm) 17-1/4” (438 mm)
Weight 12 lbs. (6 kg) – each 15 lbs. (7 kg) each 15 lbs. (7 kg) each 76 lbs. (35 kg) each