L-RAD 430

3-Way 8th Generation Invisible Loudspeaker

The LineaRadiance 430 (L-RAD 430) is a 3-way speaker with dual 8” woofers mounted on an all-new 16” x 30” frame, delivering astounding results!

The L-RAD 430 loudspeaker system becomes completely invisible after installation in a wall or ceiling, and on-site finishing options include latex paint, light wallpaper, fabrics and selected texture coats. There is no need for nonstandard wallboard finishing materials. Advanced finishing methods such as veneer treatments may be supported using special techniques.

The Stealth Acoustics L-RAD 430 incorporates dual acoustically coupled high quality low profile, high-power 8” cone woofers, a 30mm direct coupled neo-magnet mid-frequency driver, and a 25mm direct coupled neo-magnet high-frequency driver. Advanced internal materials allow for smooth frequency extension from 20 kHz down to 35 Hz. The L-RAD 430 contains two independent protection circuits (high/mid-frequency and low-frequency sections) that automatically reset upon reduction of excessive amplifier power.

We Are INVISIBLE Speakers

LineaRadiance speakers are the 8th generation and next evolution of Stealth Acoustics’ LineaResponse flat radiating diaphragm speakers first released in 2003. Up to 5 new LineaRadiance speaker models are planned for release in 2024 for a full ‘family’ of 8th-generation invisible speaker/subwoofer offerings.

New features for LineaRadiance Speakers:

  • Integrated, acoustically tuned back box included with every speaker (removable)
  • New transducer/exciter driver designs
  • Increased overall efficiency
  • Fidelity Glass Advanced™ tuned and dampened fiber diaphragm
  • Easy-Tape™ tapered frame/diaphragm for improved finishing
  • Increased power handling
  • Re-voiced crossover networks
  • Increased overall diaphragm surface areas on many models
  • The new woofer mount for increased internal air volume
  • Improved poly-switches
  • New paper-finish diaphragm for better material adhesion

Recommended Applications

Multi-Room Audio Systems
Foreground Music
Background Music
Home Theater / Surround Sound


Specification Sheet
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LineaResponse Brochure

Options & Accessories

PlaceSavers & Shims
PS-30 PlaceSaver
SK-1 Shim Kit
Back Boxes
MBX-30 UL Listed Metal Back Box
MBA-30 UL Listed Adjustable Metal Back Box
MBC-30 Concrete Back Box
WARRANTY – 20-Year Limited Warranty


L-RAD 116 L-RAD 430
Type 2-way Full Range 3-way Full Range
Frequency Response 45Hz to 20kHz 35Hz to 20kHz
Power Capacity 100 watts RMS 200 watts RMS
Minimum Recommended Power 50 watts 100 watts
Protection Two independent self-resetting devices (low- and high-frequency) Two independent self-resetting devices (low- and mid/high-frequency)
Sensitivity 83 dB 83 dB
System Impedance 8Ω nominal 8Ω nominal
Polar Dispersion 170 degrees horizontal &vertical 170 degrees horizontal &vertical
Width 15-7/8” (403 mm) 15-7/8” (403 mm)
Height 15-7/8” (403 mm) 29-7/8” (759 mm)
Depth 3-1/4″ (83 mm)
2-9/16” (65 mm) back box removed
3-1/4″ (83 mm)
2-9/16” (65 mm) back box removed
Weight 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) per pair 55 lbs. (25 kg) – per pair
HF Driver One 1-1/8” (30 mm) neodymium motors One 1” (25 mm) neodymium motor
MR Driver One 1-1/8” (30 mm) neodymium motors
LF Driver One 1” (25mm) voice coil, 6.5” (165mm) low profile woofer Two 1-1/2” (38mm) voice coil, 8” (203mm) low profile woofer
Magnet Ceramic 15 oz. (425 gr) Ceramic 20 oz. (567 gr)
Crossover Frequency