Stealth Acoustics has extended its award-winning StingRay range of outdoor high-fidelity speakers, with the launch of a new 8” 3-way high performance model. Capable of withstanding the harshest environmental conditions, the new StingRay 83 is based on the advanced design of Stealth’s LRX-83 invisible speaker, so raising the bar significantly for outdoor audio quality in luxury residential, commercial and marine applications.


Producing a deep, warm and natural bass response down to 40Hz, with a smooth midrange and solid upper frequency, the StingRay 83 is balanced, powerful and the highest quality outdoor speaker ever created by Stealth. It features a 30mm midrange device, a 25mm tweeter and an 8” high-power cone woofer in combination with Stealth’s Fidelity Glass Advanced™ flat front radiating surface to give ultra-wide dispersion within a hermetically-sealed enclosure. The result is an attractive, sleek-looking speaker that delivers a smooth and silky sound quality in the mid and high regions with a solid, rich bass extension. Designed with outdoor theater audio in mind, and the impressive peak power handling of over 300 watt allows the device to become much more than simply a background music speaker.


The StingRay 83 is completely sealed off from the elements. It is constructed using high strength UV protected fiberglass and marine grade, fibre-infused ASA plastics, meaning the speaker is completely sealed against intrusion from any outside elements. It has an Ingress Protection rating of IP-68 per international CEI/IEC 60529 standards. No moisture, salt or sun will affect the unit, nor will it ever rust or discolour over time, making it ideal for exceptional audio performance in harsh, superyacht or outdoor environments.


Available in standard white or black to blend in discreetly with outdoor locations. Optionally, a custom graphic wrap finish can be applied to help it further blend into its environment or to make the StingRay 83 a stand-out feature. A popular option is to send Stealth a photograph of the mounting location or other artwork for factory design, print, and application of the wrap. Specific mounting solutions and accessory products to facilitate StingRay 83 installation into the boat construction or remodel process are provided.


The StingRay speaker family already includes both 6” and 8” 2-way woofer models and the StingRay 430 subwoofer speaker system.