Patio Theater Case Study: Newton, MA

Patio Theater in Newton, MA



Installation of a custom motorized 130″ P3 LED display Stealth Patio Theater, incorporating a fully-hidden underground vault enclosure and specialized lifting mechanism. The lift system is designed to extend the display well above the floor to maintain an optimal viewing height. The Patio Theater display is oriented to be viewed from the adjacent large swimming pool and surrounding pool deck.


Project Goals

The client’s criteria for this project was a large-scale and fully retractable TV screen that disappeared entirely into the pool house floor when not in use. This included retaining a tile floor covering over the retracted screen that could be walked on. Consistent matching up of the seams between the stationary floor tile and the tile over the top of the motorized screen demanded a precise installation and stability of the screen when in motion.



Stealth reviewed the project site details with the installing Stealth dealer to ascertain the best screen size, location, viewing needs, and available infrastructure. A custom solution was then engineered, detailed and manufactured by Stealth, ready for onsite installation. Delivered in stages as the project build progressed, Stealth first built a custom display mounting structure to be placed in the mechanical basement below the screen location. Later, the factory assembled and pre-commissioned screen, along with the lifting mechanisms, were delivered and installed into the mounting structure. Once the screen was in place and the lifts were fine-tuned, tile flooring was installed over the top of the screen to complete the project. The result is a stunning example of how Patio Theater can be customized to meet the unique performance and aesthetic needs of any project.

“Watching a game outdoors in the middle of the day on such an impressive TV makes this a unique addition to our sports viewing.”
– Satisfied Client