Patio Theater Case Study: Venice, FL

Patio Theater in Venice, FL




Installation of a 130″ P3 high-luminosity direct LED display Stealth Patio Theater system in a standard weatherized enclosure with IP-68, full-range 3.1 Stealth Invisible sound integrated directly into the front paneling of the display enclosure.


Project Goals

If you live in Florida, you spend time out of doors. The projects homeowners had invested heavily in a nicely appointed, screen protected, outdoor pool and spa area. The goal of this project was to enhance their entertainment options with a unique large scale viewing experience while minimally expanding the protection screen or impacting the aesthetics of the area.

In order to achieve the optimal viewing angle from the pool or spa and take advantage of the built-in Stealth Acoustics surround sound speaker system, the screen cabinet was partially recessed in a specially constructed vault. Access to the rear of the screen cabinet for service was provided by the below grade concrete vault via removable deck panels, which were trimmed out nicely to fit the screen enclosure.



Once the required concrete mounting surface and vault were poured, with the conduits for electrical and low-voltage signal connections installed, the factory assembled Patio Theater was lifted into place using a crane, and the display was anchored to the concrete slab. The electrician installed the AC power connections directly into the screen enclosure’s high-voltage area. The dealer connected a single Category 6 cable and speaker leads from the remotely located head-end rack into the low voltage area of the cabinet, and finished the install by integrating the Patio Theater to a previously installed control system.

“The TV is truly unbelievable. Keith got to watch most of the Sunday games on it after we returned from the Rays game. I have to admit it is a fantastic addition to our home. I hate to tell him this but Keith was right. Lol!!!” – Client