Stealth CoverArt

Retractable Art Cover

Stealth CoverArt systems are an aesthetically pleasing way to integrate a TV display into a home’s decor by turning it into a beautiful piece of framed art. When activated, the canvas artwork retracts to reveal the TV concealed underneath.

CoverArt systems are ideal for commercial settings as well. Use CoverArt to hide restaurant TVs for fine dining but reveal them for game day events or cover meeting room displays when not in use.

CoverArt can also conceal safes, electronics, and other sensitive spaces.

Aesthetically Conceal

  • Residential TV Displays
  • Commercial TV Displays
  • Meeting Room Displays
  • Museum Displays
  • Audio/Video/Computer Equipment
  • Security System Control Panels
  • Safes for Valuables and Weapons
  • Liquor Cabinets
  • Sensitive Storage Areas

Complete Customization

Custom images are printed in house on a heavy duty, graphic arts quality canvas and framed by your choice of elegant wood mouldings. When the display is turned on, the Stealth CoverArt canvas automatically rises to reveal the total display screen without any obstruction. When the display is turned off, the canvas automatically lowers to conceal the gray screen.  Email us for a custom quote

Each Stealth CoverArt unit includes:

–  Printed image on graphic arts grade canvas
–  Decorative wood moulding
–  Motor and hardware
–  Remote control

Simple Installation

CoverArt systems ship completely assembled, ready to hang and operate.

  • CoverArt frames install with a 1″ (25mm) clearance around all sides of the TV for easy accessibility.
  • Use an articulating TV mount for easier CoverArt installation and easier access to the TV for setup.
  • For a cleaner finish, paint the area behind the TV/CoverArt in black or a dark color.

Each project is unique. Use hardware appropriate for the installation site to mount the CoverArt.

  • For on-wall installation: Two simple wooden cleats may be fashioned on-site and attached with proper spacing to the wall on either side of the TV.
  • For recessed installation: The side skirts of the CoverArt will fit in and attach to the inside of the recessed area, creating a low-profile look.
  • After the CoverArt is attached to the wall, power and optional control wiring are connected.
  • CoverArt includes IR remote control with optional contact closure support for home automation systems.
  • Detailed installation and operation instructions come with each CoverArt.



  • Customizable with any high-quality image
  • Available in four size ranges to fit televisions or openings up to 75″ (190cm) diagonal
  • Low profile design – looks like framed art
  • Compatible with surface-mounted and recessed displays
  • Remote control operation
  • Integrates with all major home automation systems
  • Simple installation
  • Handmade in the USA at the Stealth Acoustics facility


Full line Brochure: Download PDF

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